The Battle of the Beaches by admin on June 13, 2017


For episode 1 Shout About London bring you ‘the battle of the beaches’. Meet the people behind two of the coolest pop-ups in London this summer. 3:34 Shout About discuss how Monday night is becoming the biggest night of the week for them. Including some recent events they’ve been to and the current ‘place to be’ for London’s high-fliers. Backyard Cinema 08:38 Dominic and James from Backyard Cinema join Shout About to talk about their background and how it all started. 12:36 James is (reluctantly) introduced 23:34 The guys discuss one of their biggest mistakes, why and how it happened and the biggest lessons they learned. 28:50 Where their first permanent venue is and how to make a night of it. 36:19 Dates, times and costs. 37:20 Who ‘entertains the entertainers’, where they boys go out when they’re looking for something to do in London. 41:15 Shout About say good bye to Backyard Cinema and introduce Seb from Brixton Rooftop Brixton Rooftop 42:50 Seb from Brixton Rooftop talks about his journey into events 45:42 Discussing how promoting can be like gambling and how the good outweighs the bad, followed by how the pop-up originally started 53:00 The pitfalls of using so much sand at your event 1:00:20 Dates, times and costs 1:03:18 Dj’s playing there 1:05:40 New launches at the venue including yoga 1:07:00 Where does Seb go out 1:10:58 Ben and Stuart wrap up the show and recap social media for all the guests

You can reach the guests here:

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Picture of James and Dom, taken by London on the Inside, for a recent interview

Instagram:  Brixtonrooftop

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Twitter: Brixtonroofldn

Picture of Seb Martison shouting! taken at the Shout About London Podcast studio in East London

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