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Imagine being locked in a prison, during World War two, with some of your best friends. All you need to escape is in front you of, if you have the cunning! Brenden Mills, co-founder of Escape Plan Ltd, joins Shout About to talk about how he created a 5* escape game experience, in South London. Followed by Dan Kapp, Marketing Director of the newly refurbished, Queens in West London. Dan talks about how Queens is more than just for Ice Skating and bowling and how they are fast becoming a destination for great food and unique entertainment. Skate to Victory! 0:45 What Shout About learned from last week’s episode with Ballie Ballerson founder, Wenny Armstrong.  1:58 Letter of the week 2:48 What happened last weekend for the guys. Including London Pride and British summer time festival.  7:10 This weeks theme  7:54 Brenden from Escape Plan Ltd arrives in the Studio 8:45 When the idea to open an escape room first came to him  09:54 What is Escape Plan? 11:36 The hint system used in the game  13:05 How they got the event off the ground after the initial idea.  14:46 Brenden talks about how they attract their business  16:20 What are some of the player motivations  16:57 What came first the venue or the game? Followed by how they come up with the puzzles. 18:00 Working out the difficulty levels of each problem the guests have to solve.  19:35 Biggest challenges  21:02 Biggest Success  22:53 Where are they taking the brand next 25:45 Brenden discusses how his family heritage has worked its way into the war theme 27:50 Costs / times and dates  28:57 Where does Brenden hang out 32:30 Social media for Escape Plan Ltd 33:58 Ben and Stuart recap the Escape Plan conversation.  35:01 Dan Kapp from Queens is in the studio, starting with the name and branding of the venue. So, what is it? 36:33 How long has it been on London 37:38 How Dan got involved  38:20 What’s changed since the refurb in 2016 39:20 The importance of making the venue a destination beyond just the bowling and ice skating  41:10 Biggest achievement  43:48 Where the brand is heading 44:50 Ice hockey  47:50 What else can you do on the ice  49:33 Costs times and dates  52:38 Where Dan goes out 55:05 Social Media 55:40 What’s coming up at Queens (including ice karting) 56:40 Ben and Stuart wrap up with: The Weekly Shout

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Venues mentioned: Freedom Soho, Sonia Leigh, Phoenix Artists Club, British Summer Time Festival, The Curtain London, Pride Vanity, Von Glow, Brixton Roof, Top Imperial War Museum,  Archimedes inspiration,  Time run Escape entertainment,  Draughts,  Swingers,  Bounce, Meat Liquor, Ice skating at Somerset House, Soho House Dirt burger,  Chicken Shop, The ned Cafe, Monico,  Louis Cubit square, One new change,  Queen of Hoxton,  Last days of Shoreditch, South bank centre, African Eutopian,  Cider Dog at the miller pub in London Bridge, Park Chinois,  Zip World London, Uba Market

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