Creating the Crystal Maze Experience. Physical, mental, mystery and skill.. (sounds like my last four Tinder dates) by admin on October 16, 2017

“I was in the pub basically, with some mates and this idea just came up and I kept repeating it and repeating it – everyone was like ‘yeah alright’! Then it got to the point and I was like **** it, i’m gonna do it”

I’ve had many a conversation in the pub, where I’ve decided I’m going to quit my job and become a full time rapper, or bring a Roman bathing experience to London, or write a TV show, or run for political office. But, you know, you wake up with a sore head the next day and start reading text messages from your friends, who are set on reliving the ‘s*** you were talking last night’. I must have had a conversation or two with my brother about how cool it’d be to have a Crystal Maze for the public – and we cant be the only ones.

The difference is, there’s always going to be someone out there, who when they wake up, are just as serious (if slightly less aggressive) the next day.

Tom is about as normal a guy as you could expect to meet. He likes a beer with his mates, he swears (almost as much as me) and he’ll not think twice about saving a cat. But when he kept telling people that he will make the Crystal Maze Experience happen in London, he meant it and was willing to give everything to make it happen.

Since we began interviewing the people behind these amazing experiences in London, we’ve constantly asked ourselves: What is it? What makes these people different? That rather than just talking about it, they put all their time and money, into making a ‘crazy’ idea into reality.

We’ve noticed a lot of common trends:

A willingness to face uncertainty and take risks
Experience ISN’T everything.
Being able to take rejection, again and again and again (I’m thinking of Tinder again for some reason)
A belief in themselves
A desire to prove people wrong
But the thing that connects them all?

Passion and Purpose

As you grow older your conversations with your mates start to change. You start to think about other people and making a difference in the world. About impact and social change. You start to think about health instead of the quickest ways to get toasted. You begin to be a lot more accepting of your own faults and empathetic towards others peoples lifestyle’s – and even embrace them. But as much as anything, you start to have a more realistic view on money and how it defines you (or doesn’t!).

We’ve had ten people on the podcast so far this series and no-one has said ‘money’ or ‘to get rich’ is the driving force behind their success. There’s a real unified purpose to love what they’re doing, to live every day with passion and to have a platform to express creativity.

That’s the key. Not to ‘live for the weekend’ and wish away Monday to Thursday. To find something you love and use it to express yourself.

Henry David Thoreau is famously misquoted as saying:

“The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them”
Well, whoever added the second half, we salute you!

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