Georgina Lucy | 1 Jul 2017

My holiday reboot

I recently had a much needed holiday and it came at a time when I desperately needed to unplug and de-stress and that’s exactly what I did.

I wanted to do a post of the benefits of unplugging as I can’t stress enough how important it is. It doesn’t have to be a week away in the sun, even just a day out, a night in, a weekend away, anything that allows you to have a little break from the routine, the hamster wheel of life and the day-to-day responsibilities that sometimes make us feel like we want to run away and live alone on a desert island away from all other humans (or is that just me?!)

Here are some things which really helped me to reboot and connect back to ‘happy George’ again:

Unplugged from social media

I hadn’t really planned to do this but once I was away in a gorgeous villa up in the Spanish hills I suddenly felt like I didn’t want to be seeing what other people are doing. In the nicest possible way, I didn’t really care. I wanted to submerge myself in the present moment and not have my head buried in my phone. Social media is great but it can also really steal our peace in the present moment.

Morning pages (and morning coffee)

My morning coffee is a ritual I have at home so there’s no difference there other than the fact I had my coffee on a balcony admiring the gorgeous view, rather than whilst I unpack the dishwasher. Most days on holiday I also did ‘morning pages’ which basically involves writing whatever is in my head. Whilst I was away I was processing a lot of ‘stuff’ as I had lots going on pre-holiday and had been feeling rather frazzled to say the least. When I write in my journal at home I can often stay bogged down in what I’m worrying about or stressing over at the time, and whilst there was a little bit of that when I was on holiday I found that my writing each day very quickly became really positive. I found myself jotting down ideas of blog posts and all kinds of other stuff. Being away from my usual reality really allowed my brain to go to new places and it was so refreshing.


I am not quite sure how I have got through life without listening to podcasts. Along with audio books, listening to podcasts has become a favourite activity of mine for a while now. I discovered a new one whilst on holiday and it couldn’t be more up my street – The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo Isn’t it funny how sometimes certain things come into our life at exactly the right time? This was one of those occasions. I have since discovered more podcasts and have now worked out a perfect way to weave podcasts into my daily life and doing this has done wonders for my happiness levels. I’ll share some more on this in a another post soon.

Psychologies magazine

If I was a magazine I would be Psychologies magazine. I LOVE it. Reading it is like a little holiday for my soul. When I moved into a new apartment (in the same block) last October I forgot to get the mags diverted to the new address and so when I finally did get some of my old post back I had about six months’ worth of magazines to get through. I took some copies away with me and had all the holiday reading I needed. Psychologies has some brilliant articles about self-development, self-care, health and all kinds of magical nuggets of wisdom – again, something I really needed so I soaked it up and loved every second. As much as I love it, Psychologies can often come second to my phone when I’m back home and I can go weeks without reading the latest issue which is so silly given how much I love it. Why do we let our phones rule our lives?


I’ve blogged about it before, and will no doubt blog about it again (like I am right now) but I can’t stress enough how being grateful does wonders for your mood and puts life into perspective. Pre holiday I was dwelling on things that weren’t going so well in my life and my thoughts seemed to be totally consumed with negative stuff, which is quite unlike me. Just being away and allowing myself some perspective helped me to start shifting the black cloud that had been over me for a while. We can all find things to be grateful for and being away in lovely surroundings makes doing this that little bit easier. For me, the top of my gratitude list is always my family (husband included in that category) and spending time with them jolted my mindset back to treasuring what is important in life, and loosening the hold on the things that really aren’t.
My holiday felt like a much needed reboot and I think we all need this from time to time. Since coming home I’ve worked harder to incorporate the above things into my daily life and really feel the benefits of it.

You will have your own things that make your soul happy – perhaps have a think what things really help you unplug and try to incorporate them into your daily life a little more. Better still start thinking about your next holiday or break away from your usual routine and jump at the chance to overindulge in all the things that make you happy (and not just food and drink, which for the record, I did whilst on holiday as well…)

Georgina x

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