"Your 20s and 30s are defining years, with overwhelming decisions to make that have the potential to shape your whole future..."


Life Coaching aims to help people set, work towards and meet their goals. These can be goals relating to all areas of life, such as work, career, love, relationships, finance, wellbeing and happiness. Life coaching can help you break through emotional barriers that may be blocking you from fulfilling your goals and achieving the life you want.

A good life coach will listen actively to your current reality, asking the right questions at the right times and listening to what you want to achieve. They will provide confidential and objective support and motivation, and will empower, rather than give instruction or advice.


We all know the feeling of sitting down on a Sunday night, or at the beginning of the year, and making grand plans in our head about the things we are going to change and achieve. Even with the best intentions, however, it’s not always easy to achieve our goals on our own.

A life coaching session provides you with a period of time away from the daily grind and the opportunity to focus on you. By making the decision to have life coaching, you are taking ownership of your happiness and working towards being the best version of you.


No. Neither is it advice-giving or solving people’s problems for them. Counselling typically concentrates on the origin of a problem or issue and gives focus to that, whereas life coaching gives emphasis to moving forward and working towards a goal.

Having a ‘problem’ to tackle isn’t a prerequisite of coaching. Many people who are perfectly happy in their lives turn to coaching in order to help work towards a particular goal they have in mind.


In order to allow time to settle into the process and work on your goals over a period of a few weeks or months, clients generally find six sessions are ideal for experiencing extensive progress and success.

One-off sessions are possible but an investment in a course of sessions is likely to yield better results.



AGE – 29

From my sessions with Georgina I wanted a clearer sense of career direction. Our sessions were over Skype – it was a great medium to establish a connection and often felt like we were in the same room. Georgina’s communication style is clear and uncomplicated. She listens actively and summarises what she has heard, and reflects back key points.

She helped me to break down a huge task into smaller, manageable steps. This helped me ‘see the wood for the trees’, and taught me how to approach initially daunting and insurmountable tasks.

Having clear short-term goals set in each session was very useful and helped me to achieve a lot. My needs from the coaching sessions have been met fully – I handed in my notice in May 2015, set up my business two months later and haven’t looked back since!


AGE – 34

I came to Life Coaching to help me make a career change and set up my own business – principally to get the confidence to do so. Georgina was approachable, friendly, non-judgemental; she always listened carefully, and responded helpfully and thoughtfully.

She is very personable which helped to quickly establish a rapport. Georgina’s line of questioning when I was facing a dilemma or challenge has stayed with me. I have found in subsequent situations asking myself the same kind of questions – ‘how would this look in an ideal world?’, ‘how will you feel in a few weeks/months?’.

The work I did with Georgina helped me enormously to figure out exactly what I wanted in a job. I’m now enjoying a new job and challenging myself in a new way.


AGE – 29

I came to Life Coaching in order to explore methods of creating a better work/life balance and achievement in personal goals. Georgina is warm and friendly and I really enjoyed working with her. She’s a fantastic listener and she has a great way of connecting back to previous sessions and conversations.

The coaching sessions gave me a great opportunity to discuss, brainstorm and evaluate ideas and Georgina asked questions I would never ask myself. She provided me with frequent encouragement and the motivation to follow through with my goals.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Georgina and what I’ve taken away from this experience. Her active listening skills are fabulous and she has a genuine care for her clients.


AGE – 38

I wanted the opportunity to talk someone about my change in life after having a baby without going down the path of counselling sessions. Georgina was a great listener and is genuine and honest.

It was great actually having the opportunity to talk about ‘me’ for a change, with someone outside my immediate network, which is unachievable these days! It was really helpful to discuss how my life has transformed since becoming a mum and how my career and social paths have also changed over the past 18 months.

It was also a good opportunity to come to terms with the drastic change and in the final session, see how things had developed along the way, with the outcome becoming very positive and exciting.


AGE – 25

I sought Life Coaching as I wanted to accept myself more and be happier in my life. Georgina always asked the right questions which pushed towards my objective. It was really useful to set goals to work towards for the next session.

Over the course of the sessions my self-esteem has really improved.

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