Artist Hub

Artists’ Collective

Evening gatherings


For all artists, all levels

5-8pm Thursday June 21st

FREE – bring food to share  no need to book, just turn up

Meet other artists over shared food for informal chat about artwork and ideas. Join us for tonight’s talk – Sophy D’Angelo on ‘The Art of Invitation’ and Sara Downham-Lotto on ‘The Story of Arts Lab’.

Venue: Arts Lab first Fridays is allied with the Arts & Ecology programme at Schumacher College. It is a family of artists & organisations whose work focusses on contemporary art & ecology, the environment & the natural world. First Fridays happen (surprise!) on the first Friday of every month, except January. It is a gathering place for artists or anyone interested in the arts, an opportunity to share food & talk. Each month, after lunch, there is an informal presentation of work in progress by one or two artists. You can just turn up but bring some food to share. These events are held at Dartington Hall, but the precise venue may vary, so do check the calendar before coming.

First Friday of every month

Venue: Dartington Space Garden Room